Wendy & Sarah Arrive from Toronto!

I love having a place in Sun Valley! Friends and relatives visit! This weekend we have Tony’s Canadian Cousin Wendy and her daughter, Sarah here. Wendy recently lost her wonderful husband, Sam, to brain cancer. And Sarah lost her fabulous dad. They are terrific house guests, cooking us a wonderful dinner last evening, being so helpful and mostly just feeling like family. They are both terrific skiers, so we all enjoyed yesterday together and today, i will skate ski while they tear up the mountain.

And Sarah LOVES Tuqui. They met when Tuqui was a baby and Sarah and Jim (now her husband) were living in San Francisco. 

We saw Iron Lady last evening…Great, great acting by Meryl Streep, but not sure how much I actually liked the slant of the story.

And how happy am I about Komen’s plight. Meaning that Planned Parenthood is definitely benefitting. And yet, I do wonder what the real motives of Komen are? Who pressured them and why do they care? I think we want to know more. Love the internet and its power!

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