Skate Skiing on Football Day

We drove through town and every day I see something I want to photograph. Such beautiful old buildings. And I want to love them as long as they are around. I guess one day it will be more modern buildings and some of the old places that we love so much will have to change. But for now, I will just love it.


We skate skied on the Harriman Trail for the very first time…I know, I know, but we have been practicing at the SV Golf Club and Galena. Tuqui was in heaven! It was bitterly cold at 8 degrees so taking photos was a challenge!


We warmed up at Galena Lodge with a warm bowl of soup. And as usual I talked to so many wonderful people. One woman was remaking felt slippers for her husband, another was reading, and another had just come in from 2 1/2  hours of tramping down the snow on the snowshoe trails at Galena. Then we ran into Daphne Muehle who was up for a day of snowshoeing. It just does not get better.

A cool photo of Cate’s condo in SV! It is a gorgeous building. Who knows…she may live there one day. I highly doubt it as it is a long way from New York, but I would never have guessed she would have moved to New York!

Tuqui thinks she is queen of the mountain at Willow Run…

I hope I learn to figure out how to blog so that it shows up on the iPad beautifully!!!

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