People Fun in Sun Valley

We arrived in Sun Valley and saw this magnificent garden greeting us. We are so happy we put pavers in the driveway, put a stone marker for our house number and planted a perennial garden. It just gets better every day.

And before you knew it, I was hiking with my neighbors Joanne and Linda in Fox Creek…of course with Tuqui..

And we ran off to the symphony with our glass of wine and Tuqui right away.


And we played tennis at Dick Barker’s marvelous clay court in Bellevue…



We picnicked at the symphony with old friends of Tony’s from Chicago who now live in Cleveland


And I ran into a “little girl” I have known for 35 years who now brings her children to SV


Of course, Tony arranged a float on Silver Creek before you could say Trout

We were so happy our friends, Cam and Kate Baker joined us for a week. We had to show them Stanley and the blueberry oatmeal pancakes…It was a bit cold and rainy, but somehow we managed to love every minute. We had a hike and a bowl of soup at Galena Lodge. Just the best way to spend a day.


And we ran into mutual friends from the Bay Area and had them over for drinks before eating at Globus… a favorite of ours.


We of course wanted to have a dinner party for the Bakers and a dinner party is just much more fun with Nancy Winton.


And Gigi and Jim Daniels are new friends whom we met through Buzz and they now are also Nancy Fans! Should I say Cam supplied the wine and we managed to run through several very good bottle of wine that night. Darn it was fun!


Wonderful Jim and Flip Caldwell came for the weekend to celebrate Jim’s 70th. Dennis Raney brought his chair and a bottle of wine and joined us as Gwen was in Seattle.

Flip and Kate…


Tony joined Jim on the hike to the TOP of Baldy. Flip and I joined them at the Roundhouse for lunch…we rode the gondola up and down…


My sweet sorority sisters came for (hopefully) the annual Sun Writers Conference fix. They flew into Boise, drove 3 hours, changed their clothes by the side of the road and joined us for the Wood River Land Trust Annual Party on Silver Creek.

And the conference was beyond stimulating with Tom Brokaw…


and Abraham Verghese (Geez, how DO you pronounce his name?) We also loved Alexander Fuller and Naomi Shihab Nye.

Last year we ran into a sorority sister, Dee Howard who now lives in Greenwich, so this year we made sure we spent some good time with her.


The iconic photo.  We missed our friend Lynn so much. She broke her darn foot and ankle and is slowly recovering, but knew that the conference would be too rigorous. NEXT YEAR!


And THEN CATE CAME!!! For some unknown reason (maybe because she is 30???) she let me decide what we were going to do…


FISHING… She kept saying, ” OMG , you walk right into the river!!!”

A book signing for a fabulous book about dogs…

Bonnie Raitt concert at the Pavilion… we danced with the Holloways and she was horrified…

And of course a hike on Trail Creek where Tuqui could show off her swimming skills.

Summer in Sun Valley is a lot, no… mostly, about the people….. But hiking, biking, fishing, golfing, playing tennis and going to the symphony and dinner is more fun with friends…


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