Our Beautiful Weekend Wedding in St Helena


We kicked off the weekend with a Friday Night Wine Tasting! Generous and wonderful friends agreed to share their wines and their stories with our guests. Our guests came from all over the world, Hong Kong where Stoney and Laura live, Australia where the Macquarie headquarters and Stoney’s boss is located, New York where they met, Boston where Laura grew up, Poland where Laura’s parents grew up and where her dad presently lives, London where Stoney’s college roommate lives and where Ved, his godfather is teaching law this summer, Singapore where Stoney’s partner at Macquarie works and lives, France where the Lisowski’s best friends growing up live, Denver where Stoney was born, and of course, the peninsula, San Francisco and St Helena where we all have friends.

I made name tags for the wine glasses and put “conversation starters” on each one. Hopefully, people mingled and got to know one another. Everyone there was so worth knowing!!!

We had Five Wine Owners: Pictured left to right are Cam Baker of Larkmead Wines, Tony, (ha ha of Turtle Ridge…we served that Saturday night for diner) Peter McCrea of Stony Hill Wines (Stoney remembers being given a bottle of that before we even knew the McCreas!) and Ted Hall of Long Meadow Ranch. In addition, Christina Turley of Turley wines and Jeannine’s daughter served their Turley zins and Vanessa represented Arietta for Fritz and Caren Hatton who were in Croatia. Also there were wonderful Kate Baker whose family owned Larkmead and the vineyards since 1948 and Willinda McCrea who is presently hiking in the Yosemite High Country and Laddie Hall whom I saw being filmed at the Farmers Market in St Helena as she was selling her fabulous vegetables, Olive Oil and meats. They are unstoppable, Ted and Laddie. They just keep creating.

We just got plain lucky and Tyler and Kim had their little guy, Carson, a week early so they were able to come to the wedding. It made the wedding complete. Having all the “kids” together is something we do not take for granted! Especially now that they have a little one. 

And usually I talk the photos so there are none of me, but someone got this shot of me with my wonderful nephew, Tommy. Neither my brother, nor my sister came to the wedding, so I am extra extra happy I have such fabulous nieces and nephews who “have my back” and make me laugh.


THEN there was the wedding at Meadowood. Oh my, Stoney was the happiest I have ever seen him. He LOVES Laura! And can’t you see why? This is the guy who has so many  opinions about everything visual and whenever Laura wanted to change something or add something or take away something, Stoney only said “Great!” Phenomenal! I guess he is really ready to be married. Thank heavens she has excellent taste as well!

Laura’s Matron of  Honor – Micole

Her Maid of Honor – Stefanie

Stoney’s Best Man – Tommy, his cousin. I think Stoney is saying, “Really, I was supposed to do THAT?” And Tommy saying, “I have you covered, bro…”

So again my nieces and nephews came through…this time with absolutely darling little girls. Hailey is Kristen and Jim’s, Annika is Stefanie and Tommy’s, CareBear and Gabi are Wendy and Patrick’s. They were perfect…barefoot little princesses… They piled most of the petals right in front of Tommy the Best Man. Perfection!

And Harrison, who loves animals and tuxedos had a dream come true when he walked Tuqui down the aisle as Ring Bearer!!!

And do I look Happy? Yes, Yes. I wished my mom could see this. She would have felt so so proud.

And Ved flew from London where he is teaching law and brought Kathy his wife and Anjali their gorgeous daughter. He could have done the whole ceremony, but what he did was exceptionally wonderful. I want make a short movie clip of just his part. Next posting!!

How gorgeous is Laura. I know it is a fuzzy photo, but is so gorgeous.


And how great is our newly constituted family… Whoa! So darn happy!

And, I get to be with the Newly Weds!!!!

And I am pretty proud to call these two MINE! Well, not really MINE, but I DID make it all possible 34 and 30 years ago. I am enjoying the good times.

And how lucky are we? We have new in-laws that are fun, nice, generous and even like us!

and their you see the cousins showing up again… Just so lucky. You notice everyone under ten including Tuqui was driven home by Patrick and Steffi. Thanks, in-laws, you were great to do that so the rest of us could be oh-so-rowdy!

It is hard to see, but the tables were pretty gorgeous. I am waiting to see the professional photos…Should be amazing.


Our great and oh-so-generous friends, Barbro and Pancho Greene and Kate and Cam Baker,  hosted a brunch for all of us at their house on Larkmead Lane. They had the Crepe Man from the Farmer’s Market come and he served almost 100 crepes!

Cate brought her darling boyfriend, Harold and loved showing him St Helena. Many of these photos are thanks to him!

And this little guy, Tommy and Steffi’s Alexander, got to come to the wedding with his Grandma from Germany, Steffi’s mom and then to the brunch besides. How cute is he?

And you know, I think I should try to keep Cate away from Gabi because I think they could get into a lot of trouble, but maybe it is already too late! Sorry Wendy!

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