New Day in Paradise

It snowed all night and we awoke to piles of snow on the ground. Tony, Christy, Jeanne and i were at the Gondola at 9 am with all the other grey hairs! so fun!

Tony and Christy zipped off to enjoy the powder (not very light, however) and Jeanne and I enjoyed the groomed slopes. We all met at Seattle Ridge for the Elevensies…a cup of hot chocolate and always such great conversation.

How beautiful it was at the top of Mayday lift. Such a difference from a week ago.

We had lunch at the Sun Valley Golf Club with the Holloways and Daphne Muehle who migrated from POST to Wood River Lanc Trust. It just seems that good people continue to find Sun Valley. And the sliders and sweet potato fries did not disappoint.

View of Baldy on the way down Hwy 75 to home…

We ended the day with popcorn and a great movie, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Bring your hankie…

When we returned home, we could not even think about turning on the news as the movies was just so poignant.


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