Fishing on the Green River

So we drove from Park City to Flaming Gorge in the Northwest corner of Utah near Colorado and Wyoming. It did not take long to figure out why the Green River is called the Green River.

Truly an amazing canyon below the Flaming Gorge Dam

The red rocks were stunning

James Boehm, our guide comes from a fishing family in Park City. His Dad and brother are both fishing guides. The town of Dutch John is far from everything and SMALL and unpopulated.  It is good he LOVES the fish..,

We had a two-fer How do you spell that. It is good for marital relations when we catch fish at the same time. And not so good if the little woman catches more fish. Just one of those things.

I cannot remember the names of these ducks? but I love the photo

Blue crane..thank you for flying when you did

Yep I caught a few

And so did Tony

I do love to catch the fish, but I love catching the photos even more.



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