Spring is Here in the Bay Area

We have friends who look at this view everyday from their gorgeous home.

Of course I had to try to be artsy…

If the city view is not enough, look at their most amazing flower garden.

The beauty of the city contrasted with the beauty of the wine country… these are our first roses of the season in St. Helena.

And our first lettuces…

It poured the Saturday before Memorial Day! There is always a gift…this time it was a rainbow. It made up for our wet feet and soaked clothes.

The Vineyard Walk the next day was as beautiful as ever.

And Tony let Tuqui swim in the pond…she was happy and our furniture was not.

And the vines are growing like crazy. So amazing. Two months ago they were just sticks.


In Our Garden

Our first crop of icebergs have come and gone. The peonies have been cut back. But the hydrangeas are starting to pop and the iceland poppies are very happy. It will be mid June before the lavender turns purple and the agapanthas will not be far behind. Of course, we want everything to be perfect for the 4th of July and the July 7 wedding. Hmmm…Mother Nature…

A Weekend in San Francisco! Sooo beautiful

So Angela and I took a long walk along the Embarcadero Saturday morning.





And Saturday night we went to a wonderful party hosted by Pancho and Barbro at the Presidio Yacht Club. It is right next to the Discovery Museum by Cavallo Point. What a funky wonderful location! We all wore jeans and cowboy attire. So nice NOT to dress up. The evening was crystal clear. To think we live in a city that people travel from all over the world to experience.

The next day we ran (actually drove) over to Cavallo Point for coffee with a few party goers…


Pancho & Tony…happy guys…

And then since it is MY BLOG, I get to give MY political opinions about change and inclusion.

I  don’t like confrontation and do not want to be anti-Reppublican but I do  want to keep moving forward. Seems like people want to keep things the same even if change would be an improvement.

“I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones.”    John Cage