Good Times with Laura & Stoney in Hong Kong Continue

View from our room…

While Laura and Stoney worked, Tony and I walked along Hollywood Road.

Tony keeps saying to “look up!”

We are heading to the country of contrasts, but would say we are getting a pretty good introduction right now in Hong Kong

This is on the street and ….right inside…

Stoney arranged a marvelous dim sum lunch at Luk Yu one of oldest and best in HK. It felt like Tadich’s. I wanted to take several pictures, but just felt “oh-so-wrong” as we were the only non HK’s there. Also, I got the look from Stoney…you know what I am talking about. When your kids just want you to be a bit more cool…

did sneak one before he got “the look.”

Stoney dropped Tony and me off at Foot to get a marvelous massage. It was quite a contrast from our foot massage yesterday. Today the therapists did not have to be called, they had head sets on and it they all wore the black uniform. Ah, a land of contrasts.

Stoney and Laura took us to one of their favorite private kitchen restaurants in Wan Chai, Le Blanc. Again, what an experience. It was on the 6th floor in the very Chinese section of Hong Kong. When we are in Soho in Central, it feels a lot like the West Village in NYC. In Wan Chai, we were sure we were not in Kansas anymore. Here you bring your own wine with no corkage and the private dining spaces are created with hanging fabric. All just so cool and different.