Cate Comes Home to Sun Valley!

Last time she was here, she was a bit tentative on skis. This time, she hit the mountain and took off. Is it the New York influence?

Tony was amazed at her skiing!

Then we celebrated her 30th! birthday! Yikes!

And Tony made a delicious dinner of ribs, rice and asparagus!!! And flourless chocolate cake…
We toured the Community School with Lisa Stelck… so amazing. Cate attended Thistleberry, the pre-school Lisa founded in Palo Alto.

And then we skied some more.

A highlight was Cupid’s Cabaret at the Next Stage Theatre. All local talent and truly wonderful warm and exciting. It was all Cate could do not to jump up on stage. Maybe sometime she will.
And how lucky am I to have a daughter, who comes all the way from New York to be in Sun Valley, It is a long complicated trip for 3 days, but it was pretty wonderful.
She is saying “Mom, enough, I am getting on the Sun Valley Express now! It is only 8 am! “

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